The Kangaroo industry is sustainable and humane and works in close partnership with government and independent experts to continually review populations and enforce compliance. It is this cooperative commitment to an environmentally responsible use of a native resource, which should be the focus of international attention.

Dr Catherine Money, Former CSIRO scientist

The Australian Kangaroo Industry represents an intelligent and sustainable natural resource use model. The Kangaroo harvest is closely managed by the Australian Government to ensure it is both sustainable and humane.  For this reason it is extensively supported by professional conservation and environmental protection communities within Australia.   

The information here highlights the facts and science behind the industry.

It also demonstrates the level of support for the industry that exists within academic communities, conservation groups and non-government organisations as well as residents of rural areas who live with kangaroos on a daily basis.

With over 35 years of monitoring data across large areas and through a number of droughts and high rainfall years indicating no long-term decline in state-wide populations, there is now convincing empirical evidence that kangaroos have been harvested sustainably.

Dr Tony Pople